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POSTWIRT ... a special place with 800 years of history.
If you listen closely, you will hear our historic walls whisper exciting stories and get to know our long-standing
Postwirt Team better.

Get to know us - your host family Bliem and
our hard-working Postwirt team - a little better!

The people
at the Postwirt

THE POSTWIRT .  LifeStyle Hotel Söll is among the most successful hotels in the Wilder Kaiser region. This is no pure coincidence.
Every member of our team plays a valuable and important role in our LifeStyle Hotel success.

At the moment, 40 employees take it upon themselves to welcome our guests with warmth and commitment.
Many of our members of staff have been with us for many years. This way, our guests can rely on the experience and competence of each and every employee.

A hotel

through the ages!

Tradition meets modernity … the exciting story of how a simple inn from the 13th century turned into our fine 4* LifeStyle Hotel.
Travel back in time with us to the 13th century, the “birth year” of our traditional inn.


  • Curtain call for The Postwirt
    The Post inn was first mentioned on records dating back to the 13th century. This makes it the oldest building still standing in the entire Söll region.
    Many important decisions were made within these thick walls over the course of the centuries. Today, it seems as though the old walls whisper stories of 800 years of Tyrolean hospitality.
  • Postwirt’s most famous guests
    In February 1809, Chief Commander of the Tyrolean Rebellion and fight for freedom, Andreas Hofer, was a guest at Postwirt Söll (formerly known as Nuimoar). Amongst other things, he had come to visit his old friend, shooting captain and innkeeper Josef Rainer. Josef Rainer is one of our forefathers who also contributed a great deal to the Tyrolean Rebellion.
    Over the centuries, Postwirt has welcomed many historical figures within its halls. These included the Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Archduke Ferdinand (5th August 1897).
  • Historical contributions
    On 7th May 1945, General Ritter von Hengel and the last group of the German Wehrmacht surrendered to US troops. This took place in the parlour of the Post inn at the large round marble table, which is still in its original condition. Thus, Söll became famous in the history of war.
  • An inn becomes a hotel
    In the meantime, the main building has been extended by a large new building, with rooms offering the highest comfort and ample space. Nevertheless, we strive every day to ensure that each and every visitor experiences our age-old tradition of hospitality.
  • A new dimension of exclusive LifeStyle resort
    Florian Bliem, manager of our hotel, made his vision come to life: Over the last few years, Hotel Postwirt has become an exclusive holiday resort in a trendy LifeStyle design. His efforts were always actively supported by hotel manager Christina and senior manager Marlene.
    In October 2016, new bar area and hotel restaurant with a new buffet was built. In autumn 2018, a new room category, the Tyrolean Junior Suite, was renovated in a modern reclaimed wood style. Additionally, a modern keycard system was installed. Designs for additional LifeStyle rooms & suites followed until the new hotel wing was built in spring 2020. This is where you will now find our PanoramaSPA, the gym and the newest & most exclusive suites our hotel has to offer.  Last but not least, our Kids’ World was also created.
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