Tyrolean Kaiser-Schmarren

One of Austria’s most popular desserts is the famous “Kaiser-Schmarren”, a pancake-like dish with a twist. We at Postwirt, your Hotel Söll, would like to present to you the best Kaiser-Schmarren recipe that the Tyrol has to offer. Happy cooking!


Ingredients for the Kaiser-Schmarren

Ingredients for step 1:
1/4 kg flour, 1/4 l milk, orange & lemon zest, 1/2 sachet vanilla sugar and 1 pinch of salt

Ingredients for step 2:
3 eggs and 20 g brown sugar

Ingredients for step 3:
20 g butter and 20 g rasins

Ingredients for step 4:
20 g brown sugar and 2 tbsp rum


Preparation of the Kaiser-Schmarren

In a bowl, combine the cold milk, flour, salt, vanilla sugar and citrus zest, stirring until smooth.
Separate the 3 eggs, add sugar to the egg whites and whisk until stiff peaks can be formed. Fold into the flour mixture with the egg yolks.

After heating the butter in a large pan, pour in a 1 cm thick layer of the batter and add rasins. Turn once the underside reaches a golden brown colour.

After turning, reduce the heat by half and cover the pan with a lid. This will help the dough rise.

As soon as both sides of the Schmarren have reached a golden-brown colour, tear the dough into small, bite-size pieces and put aside on a plate.
Caramelise the remaining sugar in the pan (careful: not too long as the sugar mustn’t get too dark!) and deglaze with the rum.

The final step is to cover the pieces of Kaiser-Schmarren with the caramelised sugar and dust with icing sugar – now it’s ready to be served to your loved ones.

We at Postwirt, the Ski Hotel Söll, wish you all the best and hope you enjoy this recipe!




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