The Health Benefits of Almonds

The almond is one of the most popular nuts in Central Europe and also a firm favourite in our hotel kitchen.
We have put together some interesting facts about the health boosting properties of the almond – happy reading!

This stone fruit has been cultivated by people for 4000 years.  Today it is mainly grown in the Mediterranean, in the Persian part of Asia and California.

The almond has an excellent nutrient pedigree, including unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins B and E (a known antioxidant), as well as trace elements such as magnesium, copper and calcium.

Consuming 60g of almonds per day regularly will have a positive effect on your health.
The most important benefits of almonds are:

  • … Protection against high cholesterol levels
    Including the above daily recommendation of almonds in your diet will lead to healthy cholesterol levels in as little as 4 weeks.  This is mainly attributed to the antioxidant effect of Polyphenol.
  • … Protection from Diabetes
    After a 4-month almond diet, insulin sensitivity can be significantly improved.  The recommendation intake is 60 – 80 g of almonds daily for the entire period

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