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Let yourself be pampered by the Postwirt beauty expert. Our professional in cosmetics and hand & foot care is happy to be there for you. It does not always have to be a special occasion to feel beautiful

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Postwirt cosmetic
perfect treatment for every skin type

Our cosmetic expert will advise you before your treatment regardingall applications and give tips for optimal skin and nail care.

Treat yourself to some time out at the Postwirt and feel completely beautiful!

Our cosmetics offer

Choose from a variety of soothing and effective cosmetic treatments,
which are perfectly tailored to your personal skin needs.

In good hands:

With special sensitivity, our dermatologically trained beauty experts provide an invigorating skin feeling.
In doing so, they care for and maintain your skin health and incomparable beauty with the finest cosmetic products.

Applications for highest demands

Facial treatment “Radiant New”

Deeply effective beauty care specially tailored to your skin needs with an immediate effect and a deeply relaxing pampering program:

Cleansing, enzyme peeling, microdermabrasion, brow correction, cleansing, serum, ultrasound mask, massage, final care.


ca. 90 minutes         € 159,-

Facial treatment ” Little time out” 

The quick fit and beauty maker for your skin.

Cleansing, enzyme peeling, brow correction, cleansing, ampoule, mask, massage, day care.


ca. 50 minutes         €79,-

Thorough deep cleaning

Complete and effective facial treatment to renew the natural balance of the skin. Cleansing, enzyme peeling, brow correction, cleansing, serum, ultrasound, mask, massage, day care.


ca. 75 minutes          € 109,-

Intensive cleansing facial treatment

Intense Purifying Face Treatment

Skin type specific deep cleansing according to the TEAM DR JOSEPH method. The focus of this facial treatment is deep cleansing of the skin. The skin is cleansed deep into the pores with exquisite, plant-based active ingredients. Blockages are gently loosened and sebum production normalized.

The treatment ritual is rounded off with a toning face pack and the peel-off mask for optimal hydration. For a visibly fresh, cleansed and even complexion.


ca. 50 minutes          € 79,-

My most beautiful ME
"A declaration of love for imperishable beauty."

BeYOUtified by Rosenkind

Regenerating facial treatment

Be who you are.
This ultra-regenerating treatment with abundant rose oil, rosehip oil, rose hydrolates, a hyaluron boost complex, the innovative Icelife Revital Complex and exquisite, hypoallergenic anti-aging formulations is an invitation for an entirely natural voyage of discovery to the most beautiful versions of ourselves. Not only will your skin be intensely nourished and energized, but it will also experience a lasting improvement in moisture balance, soothe skin irritations and promote natural cell renewal.


ca. 50 minutes            € 89,-
ca. 75 minutes            € 109,-

Pit stop for the man

Clean and firm facial contours have long since ceased to be a women’s issue.
In this day and age, it is important for more and more men to have a clean, well-groomed complexion.

“Purely a man’s business”

Effective care for the man

Kraftvoll, naturnah, wirkungsstark: Hautdiagnostik, lymphstimulierende Massage, Peeling, Tiefenreinigung, Spezial-Serum, Intensivmaske mit Gesichtsmassage und eine abschließende individuelle Tagespflege.

Natürliche Hightech-Power für eine kraftvolle und gepflegte Ausstrahlung.


ca. 50 minutes           € 79,-
ca. 90 minutes          € 159,-

Fast, effective beautifiers

Micro needling – face, neck and décolleté

Micro-needling treatment places targeted micro-injuries in the skin. These increase the absorption of active ingredients and trigger a healing reaction that leads to the formation of new collagen. This process is especially promoted by supplementation with vitamins A and C, which gives the skin an additional boost of tone and elasticity. The result is a long-lasting tightening and smoothing of the skin.

  • Smoothing of lines and wrinkles (incl. upper lips)
  • Pore refinement
  • Building up contours

Cleansing, micro needling, highly concentrated serum Final treatment


ca. 50 min           € 159,-

Derma Care Radio Frequency

Stimulates cell renewal and collagen synthesis. Already after one treatment a clear improvement of the skin appearance is noticeable and visible. A permanent improvement of the skin appearance is achieved.

Radio waves are sent into the depth of the skin with special electrodes that are stroked over the skin.


ca. 40 minutes          € 69

Ultrasound treatment

The active gels are gently worked in by the sound waves. This strongly stimulates the lymphatic flow, the removal of toxins and tightens the tissue. With each treatment you look younger and fresher.


ca. 40 minutes         € 69,-

Convince yourself of a fresh and even complexion and let yourself be enchanted by your new skin feeling!

Fruit acid treatment

Fruit acid is a proven and successful peeling treatment for aesthetic skin problems for decades. Dermaexpert Fruit Acid Treatment stimulates the natural renewal of the skin by removing the dead horny cells of the epidermis.


ca. 40 minutes        € 69,-


Mesoporation is currently the most innovative and effective method for a pure, smooth and firm skin. The treatment causes lasting effectiveness, effective reduction of wrinkles and visibly younger skin.


ca. 40 minutes        € 69,-

Beautifier and foot care

Depilation with warm wax

Upper lip  € 8
chin  € 8
Legs complete  € 45
Legs to knee  € 25

Beatiful feet – pedicure

Classic foot care (podological) ca. 50  min  € 45
Foot peeling with final care  € 25

Beautiful moments

Eyelashes tinting single  € 15
Eyebrows tinting single  € 10
Eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting and setting  € 25
Eyebrow shaping  € 10
Eyebrow tinting and setting  € 20