Filming locations


Emotion & suspense in the Wilder Kaiser alpine world.
One of the most popular series in Austria, which was filmed in our beautiful region, is the doctor series “Der Bergdoktor”.

A visitor magnet for many fans of the successful doctor series "Der Bergdoktor" is certainly the Bergdoctor practice. However, the “Gruberhof", as well as the village square “Going" and lake “Hintersteiner" are also very popular with series fans.

His practice
The Bergdoktor practice
the house in Ellmau

Since shooting for the doctor series began in 2007, the Bergdoktor house – surrounded by idyllic meadows and fields – has been the heart of the series.
…A highly recommended outing destination for your holiday in our family hotel Söll.

Entrance fee:

  • Guests without a GuestCard: € 4,- per person
  • Guests with GuestCard: Free

You will receive the Wilder Kaiser GuestCard at the reception of POSTWIRT . LifeStyle Hotel Söll.


the world of “Bergdoktor”

The Gruberhof
parental mountain farmhouse

The mountain farmhouse of the Bergdoktor-family is located on the Söll Bromberg.
This operational mountain farm can be visited once a week in the course of a guided tour (also includes a tractor ride).

The guided tour, the tractor ride as well as lunch at the Gruberhof. All attractions can be booked with the Tourism Association in Söll., which is located close to our LifeStyle hotel.

Chuch square in Going
with the charming film inn

In summer, you will find a small Bergdoktor hut at the church square in Going with detailed information about the film location, as well as a “little surprise”.

You can park at the fire brigade car park in Going, from where you will reach the village square in 10 minutes on foot.
For detailed information, please contact reception at our POSTWIRT . LifeStyle Hotel Söll.