Fitness Studio

„2nd Floor“


Get active, exercise your muscles, and feel the burn.
An active day on the mountains or in the Postwirt Fitness Studio "2nd Floor".

Fit & full of life
Healthy exercise
with a panoramic view

Our new gym is located on the 3rd floor of our PanoramaSPA

On approx. 100 m², you will find state-of-the-art fitness equipment from the innovative specialist “LifeFitness”:

“We help people live healthier lives.” According to this motto, the fitness professionals developed high-quality fitness tools that you can use in our gym.

Crosstrainer im LifeStyle Hotel Söll am Wilden Kaiser
Kurzhanteln im LifeStyle Hotel Söll
Trainieren im LifeStyle Hotel Söll

Fitness Tips

for exercise at home

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Professional equipment
Gym machines
at LifeStyle Hotel Söll

For your cardio workout:

  • Treadmill with a 21″ HD console for an effective cardio-session
  • Ergometer with a 16″ HD console for enjoyable training & relief for knees and joints
  • Crosstrainer “Total Body Arc Trainer” with a 16″ HD console for natural movement sequences


For effective strength training:

  • Personal training area for dynamic and individual practice:
    with a free-movement area, U-link pillar, Power Pivot, rope pull, TRX suspension trainer and suspension bar.
  • Dumbbell rack and multi-adjustable bench
  • Barbells with multi-adjustable bench
Fitnessgeräte im LifeStyle Hotel Söll
Mein Workout im LifeStyle Hotel Söll
Profigeräte im LifeStyle Hotel Söll

Workout Tips

for exercise at home


  • o

    Jumping Jacks

    … for an effective warm-up or as part of your fatburning workout. 3x 40 reps.
  • o

    Static plank

    … an ab-exercise in which your body is parallell to the floor and you support your weight using only your lower arms and toes. Hold this position for at least 30 sec.
  • o


    … a great ab exercise laying on your back with your legs bent. Lift your upper body off the floor and pull towards your knees. 3x 30 repeat
  • o

    High-knees on the spot

    … perfect as a warm-up and to increase running speed for joggers. Run on the spot, making sure to lift your knees to hip-height.