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Blueberries are many a child’s favourite fruit: Sweet, small, and the best thing about them is that, if you eat too many, your tongue turns blue, which would excite any child. Plus, the staining property of the fruit is a sign that it is a freshly picked berry from the forest. They belong to the group of currants, but are called cranberries, or “Moosbeeren” in the Tyrol and in the Pinzgau region of Salzburg. Not only are they rich in many vitamins, they are also often used in traditional medicine, but above all, the dark blue fruit can be used to whip up many great and delicious dishes. From blueberry dumplings to blueberry pancakes, this berry is suitable for sweet as well as savoury dishes.

We want you to be able to prepare delicious blueberry dishes at home, so we have selected a traditional blueberry dumpling recipe for you. Aside from being delicious, these dumplings are very easy to make:

You will need:

  • 500g blueberries, hand-picked is best
  • 200g flour
  • 200ml water or milk
  • 1 pinch of salt

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. If the dough is too thin, just add a little flour. Then, gently fry the dumplings on both sides in a butter-coated pan.

These blueberry dumplings will taste best with a generous coating of sugar and a glass of fresh milk.


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