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02 / 07
This is how you get ready for a day of skiing!

This is how you get ready for a day of skiing!

As the media have been reporting constantly over the last few days, the snow conditions here in Tyrol are simply fantastic. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the pristine piste conditions and the wonderful weather and enjoy a perfect skiing experience.

We at Postwirt, the Ski Hotel Söll, have put together some valuable tips & tricks for you on how to best prepare for your skiing holiday.

Here’s how you can start getting ready for your skiing holiday from home:

  • When skiing, the most important thing is, of course, your safety. For this reason, we recommend wearing both a ski helmet and a back protector.
    Ensuring a perfect fit is important: your helmet, for example, should not be adjusted too loosely, but should fit snugly when you gently shake your head.
  • If it is cold, we at Postwirt, Hotel Söll recommend wearing a balaclava under your helmet. Wearing special ski underwear also protects very well against the cold and ensures that you can enjoy your day up on the slopes to the fullest.
    Make sure that the long underwear ends above the ski boot, however, so that there are no painful pressure points in the boots. Also, don’t forget to protect your face and lips with a cold protection cream.
  • The sun’s rays at higher altitudes are often underestimated, which is why the use of sunscreen is absolutely essential.
  • Another important factor to consider when preparing for your skiing holiday at Postwirt, your ski hotel Söll, is to wear a waterproof and breathable ski suit. If you have one that is a little older, it’s highly advisable to waterproof it after washing to protect it from getting soaking wet while skiing.
  • Be sure to invest in good ski socks, too, which should preferably be chosen along with your ski boots.
    Picking comfortable ski boots that offer you a good grip is very important. As your feet stretch throughout the day, pay attention to the time of day when buying or renting skis: Ideally in the afternoon. For this reason, avoid taking long walks in the cold before trying them on.
  • In the weeks before your skiing holiday at Postwirt, Hotel Söll, we recommend that you perform some targeted conditioning training, which will help you prevent injuries on the slopes. Especially the abdominal & torso muscles are used while skiing, and considerable force is exerted on the ankle and knee joints, so take care of these areas of your body. We find the following training methods to be particularly useful: running, squats, climbing stairs and ice skating.

We at Postwirt, the Hotel Söll, hope you have fun getting ready for your skiing holiday!

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