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Say goodbye to everyday stress and treat yourself to some time off.
Our massages & treatments are a perfect way to find complete well-being. The experienced massage experts at the POSTWIRT . LifeStyle Hotel Söll are happy to give you their recommendations. Enter a world of pure vitality or rejuvenating deep relaxation. A holiday experience you will cherish for years to come.

Relaxation for your senses
Massages & more

In order to secure your desired appointment, we recommend booking the massage before your arrival. Our receptionists will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us by phone +43 5333 5081 or via email

Of course, you may also book your massage or treatment during your stay with us. To do so, simply complete the booking on the “Suitepad” tablet in your room or at reception.

Massage offers

for pure vitality & rejuvenating relaxation

You may also book your massage or treatment during your stay with us. To do so, simply complete the booking on the “Suitepad” tablet in your room or at reception.

Healing Touch


Classic Massage
“Active muscle”:

A well-known classic amoung massages. Soothing full-body massage or partial massage suited to your individual needs. PURE relaxation for body and soul.

  • Partial body massage à 25 min um € 43
  • Full body massage à 50 min um € 73


Relaxation for your feet:

Using specialised massage techniques, the individual reflex zones are massaged and activated to help balance return to your entire body. Deep relaxation of the highest level.

  • Foot reflex zone massage à 25 min € 43

Massage Mix:

Gentle and relaxing massage technique to release stress. Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you.

  • Head – Shoulder – Face à 50 min € 73

Classic back massage combined with an activating foot relex zone massage.

  • Back & foot reflex zone massage à 50 min € 73


Manual lymphatic drainage:

Rhythmic massage with calming, draining and releasing effects. Strengthens the immune system.

  • Manual lymphatic drainage à 25 min € 73
  • Manual lymphatic drainage à 50 min € 43

Replenish your strength


Aroma oil massage „Pure Relaxation“:

This full body massage with specially selected, warm oils stimmulates the wellbeing of your entire body through its fragrance. Indulgence for all your senses.
à 50 min € 79


Herbal pouch massage “Revitalise the senses“:

Relaxation massage using gentle strokes with deep effects. Steamed herbal pouches filled with special mountain herbs develop their positive effect on the body & mind throughout the massage and transmit comforting warmth. Dive into the world of our alpine herbs and find inner peace.

  • Full body massage à 50 min € 79

Sports massage
„Deep relaxation“ with
Arnica-Camphor-Menthol Oil:

Classic massage strokes combined with special techniques, such as connective tissue and/or deep tissue massage, are chosen to suit your individual needs.
à 50 min € 73


Hot Stone Massage:

“Feel the warmth”
Warmth is the key to deep relaxation. Through the use of hot stones, blockages and tension are released. A very special kind of massage. Feel the warmth and dive into an unforgettable sense of comfort.

  • Hot Stone Massage à 50 min € 79
  • Hot Stone Massage à 75 min € 119


Peelings „Natural beauty with products by Alpienne“:

  • Revital Body Peeling
    Rock salt with mountain arnica & rosemary à 25 min € 47
  • Rebalance Body Peeling
    Rock salt with pine & honey à 25 min € 47
  • Clarifying Body Peeling
    Rock salt with Biopir & St. John’s wort à 25 min € 47