Health benefits of Basil


Health benefits of basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs, especially in summer. We at Postwirt, Hotel Söll and Hiking Hotel in the Tyrol, also use this aromatic herb in our kitchen on an ongoing basis to refine a wide variety of dishes.

However, few people know that, in addition to its unmistakable taste, also has a positive influence on our health. For this reason, we at Postwirt, the Hiking Hotel and Hotel Söll, would like to introduce you to the positive health effects of this Mediterranean plant:
There are more than 60 different species of basil, also known botanically as Ocimum. It is characterised by a robust, full-bodied flavour and a high content of essential oils. The species most commonly used in our cuisine is “Ocimum basilicum”.


The effects of basil (compiled by Hotel Söll)

Aside from essential oils, basil leaves also contain tannins, as well as the vitamins A, C, D, E, and several B vitamins.
We at Postwirt, Hotel Söll, have prepared an overview of the resulting health benefits of basil for you:

  • Stimulates appetite
  • Increases milk production in young mothers
  • Stimulates your digestion
  • Effects against mood swings and depression
  • Effects agains migranes and period pains
  • Soothes skin inflammations (when using basil flowers)
  • Effects against stomach aches (when using basil flowers)


How to care for your basil plant – Tips from Hotel Söll

Unfortunately, it is common for freshly acquired basil plants to soon droop their leaves and often die quickly at home.
Our chef de cuisine at Postwirt, the Hotel Söll, has a few tips for you on how to best care for your basil plant:

  • Do not tear off the plastic wrapping immediately. Instead, cut off about 1 cm of it every day. This way, the basil plant can gradually get used to its new environment.
  • Harvest only the largest leaves so that small ones can grow back, allowing the plant to become bushier.
  • For basil, make sure to keep the soil damp at all times – not too dry, as the plant will die, but not too damp either, as this can promote the growth of root rot.

Follow the above tips and you will be sure to enjoy fresh basil from your plant for a long time! For more details, click here.


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