Assortment of wines

finest vintage


The perfect accompaniment for our
kitchen’s culinary creations.
Explore our extensive selection of wines. We display the finest wines in well-tempered presentation cabinets at the heart of our hotel restaurant. An exquisite collection of wines as the perfect accompaniment to your dinner menu.

Professional recommendations

Discover the exquisite variety of the POSTWIRT wine selection. Our expert sommelier will help you select the perfect wine to accompany your dinner menu. Hotel manager and sommelier Florian is happy to assist you in choosing the wright wine. He’s always ready with a fitting recommendation for any pallette.

 “A connoisseur does not

simply drink wine,

they savour its secrets“

Salvador Dali

exquisite vintage
Fine wines
for every palette
Our assortment of wines offers a wide range of Austrian and international wines.
Let Florian take you on a journey through Austria’s wines.
Which will you choose to accompany your fish dish: a fresh white wine from Burgenland, Southern Styria or  Wachau?


Or would you prefer something to go with beef? The fruity red wines from Lower Austria or the Lake Neusiedl are sure to harmonise with your dish.
Of course, you will also find delicate wines from sunny France, Italy, New Zealand or South Africa.